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Anyone who want to sell the item as group buying, you need to subscribe our service on the eBay application directory. It is for free !!.

Sell MORE of your items to a group of bidders or buyers with ease. With this free application you will be able to create new or modify active Ebay listings to include "Group Buy Offer" and target a group of buyers for bulk sales of your items. You will also be able to monitor the number of buyers who apply for the offer or sale quantities applied for the offer, and decide to provide your items at modified discounted prices for bulk sales.

Key features

  • Advertise: Advertise your listing with "Group Buy Offer" seal to potential group of buyers
  • Gather: Gather buyers who will apply to purchase items with "Group Buy Offer"
  • Monitor: Monitor the number of applied buyers and applied item quantities for "Group Buy Offer"
  • Decide: Decide to extend the "Group Buy Offer" with reduced prices to the applied buyers at any point during the listing
  • List: List your items with discounted price on Ebay with ease
  • Notify: Notify the "Group Buy Offer" applied buyers about reduced prices in the listing


There are two simple doctrines for better business transactions:

1) Sellers want to sell through their item inventories at bulk with efficiency to reduce cost of operation instead of waiting for individual sales to accumulate over time

2) Buyers want to purchase their items of interest at lower prices

With Group Buy Offer application for Ebay, both can be achieved for the Ebay transactions with ease!!

By using the application, sellers can create new item listings or modify active listings with "Group Buy Offer" in order to interest and gather a group of buyers who will apply to buying the listed items with the offer. The prices of the items are initially listed with normal or introductory prices.

The listings will include a "Group Buy Offer" seal or button that can be clicked by potential buyers to apply for the offer.

Buyers interested in the "Group Buy Offer" of the listed items apply for the offer. Buyers can indicate the number of items they desire for the offer. The buyers apply for the offer at this point but do not make purchases.

During the listings, the sellers can monitor the number of applied buyers and/or the number of applied sales quantities for the "Group Buy Offer."

At any point during listings, the sellers will have the option to extend the "Group Buy Offer" to the applied buyers at reduced prices compared to the introductory prices, once a certain number of buyers or a certain number of quantities for sale is reached.

When the "Group Buy Offer" is extended by the sellers to the applied buyers, the buyers will be notified that the prices of the listings have been reduced and available for purchase. This way, the sellers will be able to sell greater number of items at compromise with reduced prices.

So why wait around for your inventories to sell through not knowing if and when this will happen?

Be in charge and set the price and number of items that will be committed for sale at once.

And best of all, it's at no cost to you. That's right, it's free.

So try it today!

Amazon Seller Tool

Search as "amazon seller" at android market.

Download at Google play Download at Apple app store

Amazon seller order management

This is a App for Amazon marketplace order monitoring and account managing for Amazon sellers (currently for Amazon Pro merchant only).
This useful management tool allows your Amazon seller's account activity to be linked and updated on your smartphone in order to provide the capability to monitor and manage your Amazon seller's account activity anytime and anywhere using your phone.
Now you don't have to worry about having to get access to a computer to monitor your sales activities or having to carry around a heavy laptop to update the inventory.
You can monitor and perform all these essential tasks right at your fingertips via your phone.

The management tool includes the following major features:
* Allows the user to update the inventory including product price and quantity
* Allows the user to monitor and search the incoming and pending orders in real time
* Allows the user to view pending and past order details for invoicing
* Allows the user to view settlement report graphs that are generated automatically by the tool for visual reporting of your sales data

Supported in following countries:
* US ( United States )
* UK ( United Kingdom )
* DE ( Germany )
* FR ( France )
* JP ( Japan )
* CN ( China )
* CA ( Canada )

Attach Feedback ebay compatible logo for attachfeedback application

Show your past positive feedbacks on your listings and assure Buyers to buy with confidence.

Key features

  • Option to turn on or off the feedback display in real-time
  • Option to display positive feedbacks only
  • Option to show all of seller's feedbacks if there are no feedbacks related to the item listed
  • Option to Show parent item's feedbacks for re-listed items
  • Option to show the feedbacks in certain section of the item description
  • Option to limit the number of feedbacks shown on the description to a certain number


Show your past positive feedbacks on your listings and assure Buyers to buy with confidence.

eBay Seller's positive reputation is a big key in success of the business, as Buyers will be attracted to Sellers with positive feedbacks.

So display what your past satisfactory Buyers are saying about you, directly on the item listings. Buyers do not have to go through the hassle of clicking over to the ratings to look for what others are saying positive about you. Also itemize the feedbacks related to the item listed, so that Buyers know what the past Buyers of the same or similar items have experienced.

With this *** subscription, previous feedbacks for the Seller will be attached and displayed directly on the item descriptions section. - eBay,Amazon search tool

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