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How it works

** Seller

  1. Subscribe our service at eBay application directory.
  2. Choose the one of your eBay active items.
  3. Set Group price and target number of people
  4. Confirm
  5. The group buying seal with apply button will be added to your item description.
  6. See the applied user list.
  7. Decide to accept or reject the offer.
  8. Accept
    • List new eBay item with group price automatic or manually.
    • Inform new listing # to appliers by email automatic or manually.

** Buyer

  1. Find the group buying items at
  2. Go to the item detail.
  3. Check the group price and click Apply button at the bottom of eBay item description.
  4. Login to
  5. Wait until the seller accept the offer.
  6. Accept
    • You will get the email with new listing # or check the watch list on my eBay.
    • Purchase the item as group price

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